Monday, 4 April 2011

REVIEW: 2True Liquid Eyeliner

Hey Everyone
This is my first blog review - so i hope you like it.
This week i'm reviewing 2True's Liquid eyeliner.
I am rubbish at liquid eyeliner but i heard some good reviews about this product so decided i would pick it up and give it a try.
First off; I think the packaging is OK; the blue colour helped me to spot that it was waterproof. I think it could be better but personally i don't really mind what the package looks like as long as the product is good.
I found this really easy to use. The nib of the liner is quite stiff which helped me to be in control during applying it. It applied really nicely, it didn't drag on my eyelid and also the control i had because of the nib allowed me to decide how i wanted to wear it.
When i applied it; the formula is really good and it is Jet black. I really like this. On some eyeliners I've used in the past they don't apply as black as i would expect them too but this one did and i really liked it.It stayed on for quite a while which I was very please with.
For only £1.95; you really can't go wrong. I LOVE this product; this is definitely a product that i will be repurchasing once it's ran out.
Have you purchased any 2true products recently?
Lotsa Love


  1. This Is my Hold Grail Product!! I cant live without! I only got it as a spare BC my eyeliner ran out! But this is My everyday one Now! Sooo Black and Longlasting

  2. Great review! I was watching Lisa Eldridge's latest video on You Tube and she mentioned 2true there so I was planning on checking it out on my next shopping trip. This review definitely helps x x

  3. I have never used that eyeliner before but I do think I will try it. Thanks for the review! :)

  4. is it a good one? show make-up pictures from you :)