Monday, 28 March 2011

Share The Love!

Hey Everyone; 
So as i haven't been blogging very long; i love to check out and read other people's blogs. Recently I have come across some blogs that i think you (my lovely followers) might like. Every now and then I will do a blog post with my top 3 blogs that I reccomend to you. 
1) - I love her blog and read all of her posts; It's nice to read blogs that are by people of the same age group as me :) - Check her out!

2) - She only has a few followers and i know how hard it is to get followers. her blog is really good - check it out! 

3) - One word - nail polish! i love her blog and her nail posts! Go Check her out!

Well thats the first share the love blog post; hope you check out thier blogs and maybe follow?
Lotsa Love


  1. Thanks for sharing I always love finding new blogs to read :) Hope you can check out mine too!

  2. Aw thankyou hun! I love your blog too :D xx