Wednesday, 23 March 2011

NOTD: 23rd March

You don't actually know how happy I am... Well i can tell you that i am VERY VERY VERY happy. 
Why I here you ask?
Well one word... SUNSHINE!
& sunshine means summery nail polish shades are on my nails.
This week i finally opened my new collection 2000 hot looks nail polish in fruit salad, that i bought just after christmas. I LOVE IT!
The colour is so pretty - a pretty pink/coral colour - cant wait to get the tan to accessorise it with. 
Sorry bout the blurryness (is that a word?) Rubbish photographer :L

The pictures really don't do it justice because the colour is beautiful.

Personally this is one of my favourite Collection 2000 hot looks shades. 
I think i will be stocking on some more soon. 
What are your favourite collection 2000 polishes? 
Let me know 
Lotsa Love


  1. I have this, it's so gorgeous! x

  2. Sunshine makes me happy too!The color of the nailpolish is so beautiful!