Sunday, 6 March 2011

Mini Haul!

So i went shopping with my mum for some new clothes and obviously ended up in Superdrug ;)
Don't worry i had already bought my clothes... :)
I just wanted to share with you a few of the things i bought... makeup wise!
Collection 2000 are one of my favourite brands, so when i saw there was 2 for 4.99 on all of there cosmetics priced 2.99... I just couldnt resist myself in not taking part in the offer. I have wanted one of there EXTREME 24 hour felt tip liners for ages, so when i noticed they were included in the offer i knew i had to buy one.

I have never been a big fan of liquid eyeliners, but i am in LOVE with this one. It is really easy to use and drys really quickly, which i was quite impressed with as most of the other liquid eyeliners take forever to dry.
I got mine in blue, and its really nice. It's quite a navy blue so you could wear it everyday, which personally i think i will be LOL.

The other item i got in the offer was a blush. There shades were quite subtle which was nice and the packaging was good.

I Loved the flower embossed pattern on the blush as it adds a really girly touch to it. I got mine in Shade 04 "Trouble". But unfortunately i couldnt swatch it because i couldnt get a good picture of it because it is so subtle.
Next up, while i was browsing the shelves, i spotted a little box on the reduced to clear section of damaged makeup. I don't normally look on the reduced to clear shelf so i dont know what drew me to looking this time but anyhow,
I spotted a pack of three MUA (makeup academy) eyeshadows that had been reduced to 99p. They were in the damaged makeup box because one of the eyeshadows was broken; but the other two were in perfect condition. That didnt bother me though because the broken one was a colour i probably would wear anyway. So i bought them, threw away the broken one and just had the other two.
They are in Shade 6 and Shade 7... Different tones of green!

Shade 6

Shade 7
I had heard good reviews about the pigmentation of these considering they only cost a pound, so just thought i would pick them up. I don't normally wear green eyeshadows but these two shades are really pretty. Shade 6 is a lot brighter than shade 7 and has a slight shimmer to it. Shade 7 is a dark green with a gold tone to it... really pretty.
Top - Shade 7, Bottom - Shade 6

Lastly, while we were in our local chemist picking up some medicine for my little brother, I noticed a clearance box of makeup on the shelf. I rummaged through it and picked myself up a new mascara; RIMMEL LASH MAXX.
I have used it and can honestly say i am very impressed. The lengthening of my lashes is very noticeable to me. The only bad thing about it is, i had to get used to using the brush. The bristles are on one side so whereas i am used to using a full bristled brush, i had to get used to using this one. But now i have the hang of it and i love it.

So hope you enjoyed my little haul, what have you been buying recently?
Missmakeupp xoxo


  1. Hey there! Looks like you got a fun bag of goodies on your trip! I love coming home with new makeup, it's so exciting. My favourite product is the felt-tip eyeliner. It's so eay to apply and has a gorgeous non-smudge finish. Great post!

    Cristina from

  2. I love felt tip liners! These ones and the ones from Avon are the best for getting a good thick 60's wing!


  3. hey .. nice blog .. :)
    love mua's eyeshadows..

    i am following you and would really appreciate if you follow me back on my blog.

    <3 Sarah

  4. I still have to try the MUA eyeshadows, they look great x x